Air travel to the 2013 Great Lakes Truck Expo is easy. The Cleveland Hopkins Airport is the closest airport to the Cleveland Convention Center and the Downtown Marriott for commercial flights and is just 15 miles away. Cleveland Hopkins Airport is a hub for United Airlines which typically has the best rates. Once you have arrived in Cleveland, these ground transportation options are available.

United and United Express

(800) 864-8331

In addition to United Airlines, CLE offers service from seven other airlines:
Air Canada Jazz
(888) 247-2262

American and American Eagle
(800) 433-7300

Delta and Delta Connection
(800) 221-1212

Frontier Airlines
(800) 432-1359

Southwest Airlines
(800) 435-9792

US Airways and US Airways Express
(800) 428-4322

Vision Airlines
(877) 359-2538

For private jet service please contact Burke Lakefront airport. Burke Lakefront Airport is just over a mile away from the convention center and hotel.



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